Keyhole Reinstatement Bonding Compound (K.R.B.C) 

K.R.B.C is a ready to use fast setting high strength pre-blended polymer modified cementitious, water proof pourable bonding and gap filling compound, to be used for the replacement of core-drilled plugs in black top and concrete reinstatements.




* Fast setting                                                         

* Non Toxic

* High Strength                                                      

* Easy to clean

* Forms waterproof Bond                                     

* Good freeze-thaw resistance                             

* Packed in 25kg buckets

* Very low permeability                                        

* Minimum disruption to traffic 

* Available in Black or Grey                                     



K.R.B.C is specially formulated to give excellent adhesion to a varity of materials. When mixed with water 3-4 litres yeild per 25kg unit is 13 litres, working time 10-15 minutes at 20c.



When using K.R.B.C after repair has been completed, core replaced and bonded into situ the highway can be reopened within 45 minutes. Cadent Gas, Scotia Gas Network and Northern Gas Networks use KRBC in thier core and vac process to bond the original core back in place leaving a clean almost invisible finish.

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