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A pre-packed shrinkage compensated bedding motar characterised by its rapid strength development. Formulated to comply with the requirements of Class R4 of EN1504 Part 3 also compliant with Highway Agencies specifications HA104/02 for the bedding of chamber and gully tops. Low water/cement ratio, excellent adhesion to dense concrete and steel, ideal for use in cold, wet conditions. Simple and easy to use with the addition of 2 litres of water.

Applications: Bedding and raising of manholes frames, fixing of street furniture, rapid setting of posts, railing, lamp standards or repairing insitu concrete surfaces.

Available in 25kg bags.









The material is a 3 part cold-applied flexibilised epoxy resin transition mortar for mechanical car park joints, ironwork reinstatement, joint and gap-filling.Inbuilt flexibility, with high adhesion strengths and durable characteristics in areas subjected to heavy loading.
Adheres readily to concrete, asphalt/macadam and metal surfaces. Resistant to chemicals, fuel and road salts and unaffected by freeze/thaw.

Open to traffic as early as 2 hours* after placement (*when grit is heated).

All that is required is a clean, sound substrate. Ironwork is set using one
easy-to-use product. 


 Epiflex resloves ongoing reinstatement problems of collapsed ironwork and related costs.


Constantius Bridge, A69 Hexham, Northumberland 2009

During this bridgedeck refurbishment, the trunk route
maintenance operator, required that the inspection chambers should be installed
with a flexibilised bedding and haunching mortar.

Epiflex was specified and used for the application. Shims cast
from Epiflex were supplied so that the installation was completed with a
homogenous material. Bauxite grit was applied to the surface to provide an
anti-skid finish.
Richard Peel of A69 Roadlink is delighted with the material performance.

Project; Manchester Airport 2006
A robust flexible, easy-to-apply repair material was required that would tolerate uneven loading by aircraft wheels with axle loadings of up to 150 tons and single wheel loading of 26 tons. Between May to September that year, Epiflex was used for large section repairs in the order of 350mm – 450mm. Site Manager Paul Saysell of AMEC-Carillion Joint Venture commented in 2007 that “Epiflex was poured easily into the repair area and had adhered extremely well”.
Available in 20KG tubs (10 litre volume-24 per pallet)













Nupatch Fast Stetting Repair Concrete


A pre-packed, polymer modified, rapid setting, fibre reinforced cementitious repair mortar designed to give rapid strength development even under adverse conditions. The product contains a specially formulated latex bonding and waterproofing gauging liquid and has been specially formulated to achieve and surpass the performance requirements of EN1504 Part 3 Class R3.








Tufftop Jointing Mortar


Tufftop is a high-performance jointing mortar suitable for all types of natural stone and modular paving.

Thoroughly mixed with a high water content, tufftop becomes a plastic, free-flowing slurry grout which is easy to work with and makes pavement surface cleaning very straightforward.

Its natural ingredients prevent the shrinkage problems associated with the polymer additives used by other manufacturers, and with its optimum elastic modulus, high performance that’s achieved without compromise.Tufftop’s all-round proven quality, ease of use and good economy are unrivalled.



Available in 25kg bags







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