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Safetrack is a rapid curing, cold applied system suitable for use on most substrates including HRA, SMA, Bitmac surfacing, concrete, metal and stone substrates.

Safetrack can be applied to newly laid macadam up to +30c. A permanent first time reinstatement no return visit!

Safetrack is a faster curing, less weather sensitive than other resin systems, enabling it to be applied all year round in temps from 0c to +30c.


Available in 21kg kits which include:


* Resin and Catalyst Powder

* 16kg of Aggregate colour of choice
* Mixing Stick
* 2 x pairs of gloves
* Serrated Trowel 
* Instructions for use







Rocbinda is a two- part polyurethane resin system used to bond calcined bauxite aggregate to provide a Type 1 approved strong anti-skid surface. Since 1999, Rocbinda has held a BBA / HAPAS certificate for Type 1 applications, the results of the independent testing proving it can withstand up to 3,500 commercial vehicles per lane per day braking on it, with an expected lifespan of five to ten years. By enabling control of the rate of cure (even in cold conditions down to +5°c)  the Rocbinda highway surfacing system can be installed and open to traffic after just two and a half hours with minimal disruption to the road network. Rocbinda can be applied to macadam, timber, steel, concrete and asphalt.


Available in:


2kg Resin and Activator coverage 1-1.5sqm


8kg Resin and Activator Coverage 5-6sqm


16kg Resin and Activator Coverage 10-12sqm


Please note that you will need approx 8kg of Aggregate per 1 sqm








TekGrip DSR is a three-component, liquid, polyurea system

specially formulated for surfacing and binding applications.

When cured, TekGrip DSR has excellent adhesion to

bituminous, cementitious, wood and metal surfaces and

most aggregates. TekGrip DSR displays outstanding

performance on concrete surfaces where, as with the other surfaces above, no primer is necessary. TekGrip DSR will adhere to damp or uncured concrete (over 14 days old). TekGrip DSR passes the Highways Agency scuffing test to Type 1 and can be used at ambient temperatures from 0°C up to 25°C. When applied correctly in ‘foot traffic only’applications, TekGrip DSR is expected to have a lifespan equal to or greater than that of the surface to which it is applied.


TekGrip DFX is a three-component, liquid, polyurethane system specially formulated for decorative surfacing applications on blacktop surfaces where the quality fails to conform to ‘BS EN 13108 part 1’ or is unknown. New blacktop surfaces should have a PEN number of less than 125, be 10mm close graded, well rolled, compacted to conform to ‘BS EN 13108 part 1’ and allowed to age and oxidise for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the application of a resin surface. TekGrip DFX passes the Highways Agency scuffing test to

Type 2 and is suitable for all but the most demanding of wear requirements however if a high friction or “Type 1 wear resistance” surface is required then the user should consider the use of TekGrip DSR.


Available in 20kg kit containing measured amount of parts of three componants:


Componant 'A' A colour blend with reactive fillers. 

Componant 'B' A slightly milky aqueous dispersion.

Componant 'C' A modified isocyanate with low viscosity.






Anti Slip Paints and Coatings



 Instant brightly coloured surfaces, high level of friction to reduce skid/slip, high opacity, excellent adhesion to most surfaces and a full range of vivid UV stable colours. Ideal use carparks, cycleways, walkways, footbridges and driveways.

Colourplus is easy to apply with either roller, squeegee or brush application and fast drying.

Resistant to petrol or diesel spillage. Range of colours available ie Bold Red, Ventian Red, Black, Green, Yellow, White and Blue.


Available in 25kg tins








A combination of bitumen emulsion and fine aggregates offering a ready to use, high quality, economical slurryseal which has been formulated for hand application. Ideally used to seal all lightly trafficked bituminous surfaces which are beggining to fret. Slurryseal will seal, protect, prolong the life, improve skid resistance and enhance the general surface appearance. Can be used on footpaths, cycleways, car parks, play areas and driveways.



 Available 25kg premixed bags.







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